30 Sep 2019

Director’s welcome

If we want to know what a school stands for, there are some things that are even more important than the kind of curriculum, the kind of teachers or the kind of leadership the institution works with.

These are, I believe, doing real and humble service and setting clear goals with a clear message.

VCAB is a school that embodies classical values.

Nowadays everyone is trying to make themselves noticed with something unusual, modern, innovative. However, education is not a modern-day invention. Thousands of years of experience have shaped it into a system that has tried to pass on the most valuable knowledge to new generations throughout the ages. It has played, still plays and will continue to play a role in conveying values. Using the system that has gradually evolved, we need to provide a solid foundation to support our children so they can stand firm in this ever-changing world.

We believe that the past is not behind us and not worth looking back at, but beneath us. If we want to take a step towards the future without knowing the past, we risk stepping forward without progressing.

VCAB is a school with Christian values.

Identity and personality are not optional. We are born with these things. Not by accident, not as a game of fate but according to God’s plan: His gift to us when He created us. Our task is not to find ourselves but to recognize and get to know ourselves.

We believe in the purpose and values of this school, we believe in the people who represent its values and channel its message. We know who we are, what our values are, what our job is, and we are doing everything we can to do it to the best of our ability.

This school does not “only” teach but has a deeper, more significant mission.

VCAB is a school that does not promise that its students will gain average results but that they will be the best.

You can be the best in what you do, but only if you work on the talents, gifts and special abilities you were created with.

We promise faithfully that if we work together to find and nurture these and allow space for them to bloom, our students will leave this school to go on and do their jobs in this world exceptionally, producing work of outstanding quality.

For you can truly find fulfillment in life only if you know what is yours, what you excel in, and what purpose you have in life.