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Dóczi Dorottya

Physical Education

I am a 48 years old happy mother of two child. I am the president of D’AEROBIC TSE, multiple Hungarian champion in pair category, winner of several international championships. European and World Cup silver medalist in Sport Aerobics. I am a senior coach and a highly qualified international judge. For 15 years, besides the championships, I worked as an aerobic coach and professional leader at the most famous fitness clubs. I was the founder and director of Aerobic division of Vasas SC for 22 years. In 2016, I established my own association, where children can play sports on an amateur and high level from the age of 3. My students have achieved a lot of national and international successes at European Championships, World Championships and World Games.

Even though I am the most proud of the community I have established, as a family I pass on the love of sports to several generations, I stand for values that makes my students a righteous, persistent, successful young people who also cope with every situation of life. It is a great honour to be part if the Veritas High School team. I would like to introduce our students to the joy and feeling of movement in other aspects.

“ A child is like a butterfly in the wind.
Some can fly higher than others,
but each flies to the best of their knowledge.
Why would we compare them?
Each is different
Each is special
Each is beautiful.”