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Dr. Illik Péter

History, Logic, Latin, Psychology

“Mirrors are sparkly and shiny and hypnotic. They’ve fascinated us for thousands of years. And they might show us a lot more about our society’s misplaced priorities than we care to see.”

My name is Dr. Péter Illik (PhD) and I teach history and logic in English. I firmly believe that history should have high priority in our society not because we learn from it but because it has moral and emotional obligations. History is also mirror which shows our narratives and understanding on narratives of past.

“Looking in a mirror is just something you do – just something women do. We’re so used to seeing this impulse as vanity that most of us have forgotten the innate sense of awe that comes with looking.”

There is an innate sense of looking, understanding and experiencing our own minds’ powers and limitations as well.

“There’s both a power and a survival necessity in seeing yourself they way the world sees you.”

History is a narrative in which we experience the image of past in others and our minds. It is a primordial need to understand how others and ourselves code and decode narratives.

(Quotes from Katy Kelleher: The Ugly History of Beautiful Things)