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Dr. Isolina Ugarte-Quiroz de Herrmann

Spanish Language

Born in Piura, Peru. Christian. I am a human being that I have the happiness of being a daughter, sister, Mother, wife, grandmother and more and also have the joy in the soul of loving me and loving my neighbor as myself.

“I have given my life to God, in him I trust is my strength and my everything in life.”

I do my utmost to develop my life within morality, I consider that the moral columns are love, goodness and solidarity. For me the possession and application of values help us to be full, complete and better people. I work hard to ensure that they are always present.

Furthermore I can mention also as an important values , joy, courage, simplicity, hope, self-esteem, effort, diversity, creativity, prudence, friendship , dignity, generosity, respect, family, peace, and the list continues to increase, every day we learn a new value and we should incorporate it into our lives.

I have lived in many countries of the world among others: Peru, United States, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Hungary. I have studied and continue studying, first I graduated as an engineer I am an educator, pedagogue and teacher, PhD in Management. I have worked and continue to do so in many areas: in industry, in university teaching, in the world of diplomacy, in cultural, tourist and economic development, in teaching young people and children, translations, interpretations, project execution , social work and others. I think that my vocation is teaching and help others. I always work with commitment and love, for me work is dignity, it is more than earning my daily bread. Teaching, culture and social work are my passion. I love traveling the world and knowing different cultures, I have traveled many places, but there are still many more …

In my opinion the educational work carried out by a professor, teacher or pedagogue, is the best service that can be provided to society, as it is the basis of any transformation of human progress, both personal and community. Perhaps it goes unnoticed by many, but what happiness bears fruit of the sown, we must be very clear that the key to every good work is in perseverance and in being aware of the value of a job well done, regardless of its immediate results.

We must be strong, brave, and have faith in our Creator and in ourselves as His work.