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Radnai Ádám

Board Game & Digital Culture

I am an International Chess Federation certified chess instructor and a FIDE Trainer. I have been playing chess since childhood and won several national championships during my youth. For the last ten years, the emphasis in my life has been on teaching, organising and promoting polyhistor activities. As the founding manager of Chessproducer, I work with individual students and groups, teach children and adults, and instruct at beginner and competitive levels. For me, the most important thing is to introduce my students to chess as a way of life, because chess is a sport, a fun game, an art, a science, a battle between two minds. It is a developmental game that can lead to new friendships, and if you really love it, it will stay with you for the rest of your life. I regard Sándor Szenczy, President Emeritus of the Baptist Aid, as my role model. It was through him that I came to the Baptist Aid as a talent scout and talent manager. It is a great honour for me to work at Veritas, I feel that the motto of the Baptist Service of Charity is particularly present here: ‘With faith and expertise’.