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Tóth Krisztina

Hungarian Language and Literature, Drama

Although I had intended to become a doctor at the age of 14, my excellent teachers had an influence on me and “diverted” me from my original plan, and so humanities became the guiding principle when it came to deciding on a vocation. Where to go next?

I have been travelling ever since: after studying Hungarian Language and Literature at ELTE, I explored the world of theatre history, drama and acting at the University of Veszprém, I was a member of the university’s drama club; and in recent years I have been learning the methods of complex art therapy at Wesley College. 

My passion for literature, theatre and film has been constant since my high school years. It was there where I experienced how drama can build a community and potentially offer help with discovering ourselves. It has always inspired me to bring theatre and drama into the lives of students. 

My career started at the Kincskereső School and it was fabulously exciting, I found real pedagogical treasures in the classroom and in drama. It gave me a good basis for my later pedagogical work: as a secondary school teacher, as a counsellor and as a director of a dormitory I could help students with their daily lives and studies.

I love teaching and learning too.

I believe that discovering arts brings us closer to ourselves, and therefore to the community we live in, and that is how we can find our place in life and prevail to the best of our abilities. This is the journey that literature and drama invite us on😊

”O marvellous travellers! what glorious stories

We read in your eyes as deep as the seas.

Show us the caskets of your rich memories

Those wonderful jewels of stars and stratosphere.

We would travel without wind or sail!

And so, to gladden the cares of our jails,

Pass over our spirits, stretched out like canvas,

Your memories with their frames of horizons.

Tell us, what have you seen?”

(Baudelaire: The Journey /excerpt)