09 Jan 2023

Veritas Christmas 2022

Veritas Collegiate Academy Budapest hosted its Christmas party on 22nd December 2022. The 11. Pioneer provided the food with sandwiches and meat specialties, and the 10. Pathfinder decorated the event hall. The members of the drama club prepared for the evening performance.

From the morning until 11.00 there was a class Christmas where everyone surprised their classmate with a nice present.

The guests arrived at Veritas between 15.30 and 16.00 for the celebration. dr. Béla Szilágyi, György Varga, and dr. Borbála Dula opened the event with ceremonial speeches. Afterwards, the drama group performed and handed out gifts. At 18.00 an agape was held where guests and students had the opportunity to talk with each other. All three classes were also photographed with their class teacher to remember this passion.

Everyone left the party with good memories and the winter break began.

Author: Dominik Tiszai (9th grade student)