24 Feb 2023

Veritas Carnival Masquerade Ball 2023

On the last Friday of February, the Veritas Collegiate Academy Budapest organized a carnival party for the parents and teachers. The goal – other than the entertainment – was fundraising for the school.

Before the event, there was a lot of preparation. The food was prepared by the Pioneer and Phoenix – 11th and 9th (grade) – classes. They awaited the guests with sandwiches and different types of beautifully served, delicious refreshments. The Pathfinder – 10th (grade) – class took their part in decorating the room – in which the ball was held -, which shined in the colors of the school; green and gold.

The students wore the formal school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, black trouser or skirt, and a dark green cardigan or pullover. On the occasion of the celebration most of the students and adults were wearing masks, but there were a few, who decided to dress up completely.

The event was opened by the principal, dr. Borbála Dula, then the representative of the Baptist Aid, Pavelcze László, spoke shortly about his trip to Turkey, where he and his group saved several people from under the ruins of buildings, which collapsed due to a huge earthquake. His speech was followed by a short break, where the guests tasted the amazing food for the first time, then the participant students of the theater study group performed an incredible, hilarious and gripping performance, with the preparation of Balogh László.

In the following auction, the school sold the beautiful and valuable things – such as; delicious vines, paintings, and even a consultation with a lawyer. The European pair, who managed to secure 4th place in the South American tango competition following a beautiful performance, teched the interested participants how to dance.

After the event officially ended at half past eight, the students with the aid of a lot of helpful parents, packed and cleaned up everything fast, then after a little bit of talk, everyone went home with newly collected, amazing memories.